Test Valley Beef

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We are privileged to offer a number of top quality local products, and this really is among the best.

Test Valley Devons are locally reared, grass-fed Red Devon beef cows, raised in accordance with organic farming principles and free ranging on water meadows not four miles from here.

A typical medium-sized pack will usually contain: 1-2 roasting joints, 2 rump steaks, 2 sirloin steaks, 2 packs of stewing steak, 1-2 packs of braising steak and 3-4 packs of minced beef. Smaller packs have fewer items of everything, while larger packs have more of each plus more interesting and rare cuts, like short ribs, fillet steak, cheek, and shin.

Everyone gets steak and everyone will have a roasting joint.

We are offering packs in approx. 5kg, 7kg and 9kg sizes, priced at £17.50/kg.

The beef is 21-day aged, full-flavoured, beautifully marbled, and delivered fresh from the butcher - not frozen. Beef cuts will be vacuum-packed for freshness, but otherwise packed environmentally friendly, and fully labelled with cut type, weight & use by date.

Our Test Valley Beef packs will only be available five or six times a year, with our first delivery available for collection on Friday 5th February 2020. Availability is strictly limited so ordering in advance is essential. A £5 deposit will secure your order, which can be paid in store or over the phone (or added to your account if you have one).

You cannot yet order this through our online ordering facility, so to reserve your pack of Test Valley Beef, and to find out the next availability date, please call 01962 760243, or message us below or through Facebook.