Storing Fruit & Veg

Get the best out of your fresh produce with this helpful guide.

Apples Keep cool
Asparagus Refrigerate
Aubergines Refrigerate
Avocados Refrigerate
Baby Leaf Salad Refrigerate
Bananas Room temperature
Beetroot Keep cool
Beetroot (vacuum pack) Room temperature
Blueberries Refrigerate
Broccoli Refrigerate
Cabbages Refrigerate
Carrots Refrigerate
Cauliflower Refrigerate
Chillis Refrigerate
Courgettes Refrigerate
Cucumbers Refrigerate
Garlic Keep cool
Grapes Refrigerate
Kiwi Fruit Refrigerate
Lemons Room temperature
Lettuce Refrigerate
Melon Refrigerate (or ambient to ripen)
Mushrooms Refrigerate
Onions Keep cool
Oranges Room temperature
Peaches Refrigerate
Pears Refrigerate (or ambient to ripen)
Peppers Refrigerate
Pineapples Keep cool
Plums Refrigerate
Potatoes Keep cool
Potatoes, Baby/New Refrigerate
Radishes Refrigerate
Rhubarb Refrigerate
Satsumas Room temperature
Shallots Keep cool
Spinach Refrigerate
Spring Greens Refrigerate
Spring Onions Refrigerate
Strawberries Refrigerate
Swede Keep cool
Sweet Potatoes/Yams Keep cool
Sweetcorn (vacuum pack) Keep cool
Tomatoes Refrigerate