Post Office Services

Barton Stacey Post Office

Barton Stacey has Post Office ‘Community' status, which means we can offer more services than many other local post office branches. Things you can do here include:

  • Renew your car tax
  • Deposit cash and cheques into your High Street bank*
  • Top up your electric key
  • Pay your Council Tax, water bill and many other invoices
  • Get a Fishing Licence
  • Return home shopping (we accept Amazon QR codes)
  • Send post internationally
  • ‘Drop & Go’ bulk mailing
  • Order your travel money (Euros kept in stock)
  • Buy a National Express ticket
  • Top up your pre-pay mobile phone

A range of stationery is kept in stock.

Our Post Office counter is open until at least 6pm Monday to Saturday and until close on Sunday.

Passport forms can be obtained from the main Post Offices in Andover and Winchester.

Click here for information about the Mobile Post Office services we provide in Hampshire and Wiltshire.

*When paying in cheques please remember to bring your bank paying-in slip

Electric key top-up