Dry Cleaning, Mending & Laundry

Dry Cleaning, Altering, Mending and Laundry

We are agents for Barkers, a major Southern dry cleaning, laundry and garment mending business. Organising your cleaning here at the store is one way you can support our local business, and without paying more than you would dealing with them direct. Please pop in the store for up-to-date pricing.

Items should be brought to the shop by 10am on Monday, for return the following Monday. Services include:

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning your clothes helps preserve your favourite garments and keeps them looking great.

Repairs and Alterations

For clothes to look their finest it’s imperative to have a proper fit. There comes a time in most people’s lives that a favourite dress or suit starts to become a bit of a squeeze. Altering is a great alternative to buying new clothing, giving your garments a new lease of life for a fraction of what a replacement would cost.


You’ll be amazed at just how much dirt, pollen, and other contaminants are contained in an ordinary pair of curtains. Specialist equipment is needed to deep clean curtains, in accordance with their specific care label instructions then hand finished to give the best results possible.


Using a laundry service gives you back the gift of time.