Boaz Eggs

We are proud to be the sole grocery retail partner for the Boaz Project.

Located on a small farm in the south of Barton Stacey parish, the Boaz Project provides a therapeutic work environment for adults with learning difficulties.

There are 120 chickens at Boaz. Members feed them, maintain their living spaces and collect the eggs every day, come rain or shine. The eggs are then counted, sorted, stamped and boxed by members ready to sell at Barton Stacey Stores.

You may pay a little more for Boaz eggs but don't forget they are very local, very free range, and laid by hens who really enjoy life. The large majority of what you pay goes directly back into supporting the charity.

For more information about donating or volunteering contact the Boaz Project. To buy some freshly laid farm eggs add some to you basket.

Boaz chickens