About Us

This old place has seen a lot of changes in its history but we know that a shop of one kind or another has existed here since at least 1810. Parts of the building are even older, and there's possible evidence in its timbers of the 1792 Great Fire of Barton Stacey The Post Office was once in a separate property over the road.

Today, the store is a model village shop - a modern convenience store, packing as much choice as possible into its compact floor space. Kevin and Lisa May took over stewardship in 2018, quickly making a number of changes. They quickly introduced a large "Gourmade" freezer, offering a range top quality ready meals. A larger range of produce was brought in, along with a small selection of gifts and speciality items, many of them made in the parish and other nearby villages.

In 2020, at the start of the 'coronavirus lockdown', when supermarkets sold out of essential items, they were able to continue sourcing most things from local producers. The choice of fruit and veg, and delicatessen items was greatly expanded, and home deliveries were started to help self-isolating villagers. This online store was launched too.

Post Office

Barton Stacey Post Office retains protected 'Community status' and continues to offer services other local P.O.'s have lost, such as car tax renewal. The business is also the home of the Hampshire & Wiltshire Mobile Post Office, which takes essential post office services to a dozen other villages during the week.

Kevin and Lisa welcome you to their store.