We Are Open While We're Closed!

While our shop is closed for a refit, we are pleased to offer part-time opening hours thanks to our Mobile Post Office - look for the big red van in the car park or the road outside the shop!

The Mobile Post Office offers most of the services the regular branch does, including banking, bill payments, road tax renewal and phone top-ups. Cash, cheque and card payments accepted.

Weather and supply issues permitting, we also hope to sell a range of essential items from the van. Newspapers will be available and possibly chilled milk too.

Times at Barton Stacey are limited as the mobile post office visits a dozen other villages throughout the week. There’s no service on 11/12th April due to essential van maintenance. (We hope it will be back in time for a planned morning visit on Wednesday 13th.) Therefore, if you want newspapers, milk or any groceries delivered next Monday and Tuesday we will be happy to deliver them to your door.


To order, please just ring us on 07470 961381 or use this website. (We can deliver any other day of the week too, of course!)



Friday 8th, 4.30pm - 6pm (ask about morning deliveries)

Saturday 9th, 8am - 10am (may be extended)

Sunday 10th, 9am - 10am (may be extended)

Monday 11th, no service (ask about morning deliveries)

Tuesday 12th, no service (ask about morning deliveries)

Wednesday 13th, 8am - 9.30am & 5pm - 6pm

Thursday 14th, 8am - 10.30am & 5pm - 6pm

Good Friday 15th, 9am - 10am

Saturday 16th, 8am - 10am (may be extended)

Sunday 17th, 9am - 10am (may be extended)

Easter Monday 18th, 9am - 10am

Tuesday 19th, 8am - 10.30am & 4.50pm - 6pm

Wednesday 20th, 8am - 9.30am & 4.50pm - 6pm

Thursday 21st, 8am - 10.30am & 5pm - 6pm

Friday 22nd, 8am - 9.30am (the shop should reopen sometime today)

NOTE: The post will continue to be collected at the 
normal times

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