New hens arrive at the Boaz farm

We thought you might like to see how the new hens at the Boaz Project charity are getting along.
As you may know, all their old hens are being rehomed to local people and so over the last few weeks Boaz staff and members have been renovating the old hen houses ready for the new arrivals. Their members loved painting the shed!
A couple of weeks ago, 120 twenty-week-old hens arrived at the farm. They were kept inside for a few days, and then Andy trimmed their wings before letting them into their new run. Now we are all waiting for them to start laying eggs.
At first they will lay tiny eggs. Once they get to the right size, we will once again get regular, exclusive deliveries at Barton Stacey Stores.
Lisa and I are looking forward to offering you Boaz eggs again soon. In the meantime, we are pleased to bring you excellent large free-range eggs from our home county of Kent.

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