• Smaller Fruit and Veg Boxes Join the Range

    If even our smallest fruit and veg boxes were a little too generously filled for your needs, you'll be pleased to learn we have added three ‘top-up...
  • New hens arrive at the Boaz farm

    Read about the new hens introduced at the nearby Boaz Project farm.
  • Corner shops valued more than ever

    Brits have named newsagents and convenience stores in their top three local amenities. A new PayPoint survey shows two in three people believe thei...
  • Exciting Expansion Plans for Your Village Shop

    Shop Expansion Plans

    Among the changes proposed are:

    • Demolition of the store room (the former post office area) at the back of the shop
    • Removal of about a meter of soil in the garden adjacent to the shop, to return the ground to its original level. This will assist in damp protection for the external walls.
    • Erection of a new, longer extension at the back of the shop, which will now be on the same level as the current shop floor.
  • Pre-order your Test Valley Beef pack at Barton Stacey

    We're one of the only places you can order Test Valley Devons beef packs.
  • Christmas Pre-orders

    Seasonal produce available to make your Christmas meal special

  • 10 Jolly Good Reasons to Shop Locally

    Shoppers are being urged to hit the shops and support their local businesses following the end of Lockdown 2.0. Shopping locally helps support our ...
  • Part-time Shop Assistant Required

    Barton Stacey Post Office & Stores is looking for one or more friendly, helpful people to join our village store team part-time.
  • Let's brie honest, cheese is 'grate'

    If you like your cheese as much as we do your lips will be smacking at our latest additions. Cheshire Cheese Company waxed truckles are back in Bar...
  • Welcome to our website

    The new Barton Stacey Stores website is finally here, and it even includes an online ordering facility.  I've managed websites for various employe...
  • Thanks for your amazing support during lockdown

    "At the height of the lockdown we were were having up to 20 cases and trays of fresh foods delivered daily..."
  • I have a giant mooli - what can I do with it?

    An exotic vegetable from the East is this week's free gift with your Fruit & Veg Box.